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Jeremy B. - Agent Reults Advocate at Liveops

Jeremy is a graduate of Gateway college and spent the last 13 years as a General Manager in both the restaurant and Retail realm. He is currently pursing a degree in Computer Programming and works from his West Tennessee home with his wife Sandy and two girls Sarah and Michelle. He joined the Liveops team this January after spending the last year working as an agent and achieving high marks.


Aldo C. - Independent Contractor with Liveops

Aldo is a customer service specialist, call auditor, and jack of all trades who has been working virtually from the comfort of his own home since 2013. He's "never looked back" and is currently an independent contractor with Liveops where he strives to learn and explore as much as possible. Aldo really enjoys speaking with and making connections with people in fewer than three minutes and nothing makes him prouder than making a successfully connected recommendation.

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