Blueprint for Deploying Remote Agents

This whitepaper covers each of the key steps needed to deploy a remote agent model, as an alternative to a traditional call center management system. Companies can gain a competitive advantage through benefits such as:

  • Flexibility to meet demand surges
  • Lower operational costs through a pay-per-use model
  • Increased quality by sourcing agents nationwide

Learn how a new approach to call center workforce management using virtual agents can give you an advantage in performance, cost, and flexibility over traditional contact center outsourcing companies, along with quality control and analytics to provide meaningful, measurable improvements to your program.


Goodbye, traditional workforces. Hello, Liveops.

Liveops offers an on-demand skilled workforce of onshore virtual agents for customer service and sales. With no call center overhead or wasted idle time, our pay-per-use model scales to meet seasonal or time of day spikes in demand.




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